Renting Your Home Out In Brevard County? Here’s Why You Should Use A Property Management Company.


Being a landlord can be lucrative, but it doesn’t come without its unique set of challenges. From vacancy periods to understanding the landlord-tenant regulations and laws for your area, having rental properties in Florida can be stressful if you don’t have the right guidance or trusted resources at hand.

At Rent In Brevard, we have a robust property management system in place to take the stress out of building your rental empire. Whether you need help determining the optimal market rental rate for your home, screening and placing tenants, or simply understanding your legal responsibilities as a landlord — we have you covered.

If you’re thinking about renting your home out in Brevard County, Space Coast, Central Florida, or the surrounding area, here are some important ways that a property management company can help.


Personal Property Consultation

To ensure your home is ready for the rental market, it’s crucial that you have it evaluated by an experienced property management company. At Rent In Brevard, our first step in the property management process is to provide a personal property consultation. This includes one of our experienced property managers visiting your rental property and determining the optimal rental rate for your home. During this consultation, we’ll help guide you through the entire property management process, as well as your expected income and expenses, and provide suggestions on how to optimize your rental potential.


Great Marketing Exposure

When it comes to finding great tenants and limiting vacancy periods, effective marketing is crucial. A professional property management company utilizes various platforms to market your rental so that you get the best exposure possible. Rent In Brevard Property Management uses multiple websites to market properties, including Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads,, our very own Rent In Brevard website, and a strategic network of around 20 other sites to ensure maximum exposure. We also coordinate having signage put in the yard to capture local vehicle and foot traffic. Most importantly, we ensure that you comply with all fair housing laws, landlord-tenant, and real estate laws.


Reliable Tenant Screening

As any landlord knows, finding great tenants can be a challenge. To protect your investment and yourself, it’s imperative that you thoroughly screen potential renters and also act quickly to fill vacancies when they arise. Our experienced property managers at Rent In Brevard ensure that all of the tenants we source are subject to strict rental criteria at their own cost, including a credit check, housing history, and background check, including employment verification and criminal record investigation.

Once we’re satisfied that a potential tenant is a good fit, we also help lead negotiations and determine specific lease terms.


Thorough Moving In & Out Inspections

Keeping accurate and up-to-date records of your rental property’s condition and required maintenance is essential. At Rent In Brevard, our knowledgeable and licensed property managers ensure that a thorough moving in and moving out inspection is conducted every time a new tenant occupies your property. In addition, we also conduct periodic routine property inspections to ensure that your home is being maintained.


Access to Reliable and Professional Contractors

Even new build properties require maintenance or can experience unexpected appliance breakdowns or issues. When this happens, it’s essential to get the problem resolved as soon as possible to keep your tenants happy and avoid any long-term issues. Rent In Brevard has a reliable list of skilled contractors to quickly coordinate any needed evaluations or repairs — from leaky faucets to HVAC issues. As part of our property management program, we ensure that issues are taken care of promptly so that you can keep a good rapport with your tenants.


Property Management in Brevard County

If you’re a landlord in Brevard County, Central Florida, Space Coast, or the surrounding area, speak to one of our licensed property managers today for a complimentary evaluation of your rental property portfolio and how we can help.

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