If you’re a landlord in Brevard County, you might be wondering if you need a property manager. Although not all rental properties require a property manager, if managing your property causes you stress or takes too much of your time, it might be a good time to consider your options. At Rent In Brevard Property Management, we’ve helped thousands of landlords successfully manage their rental portfolios. In this article, we’re taking a look at five ways a Brevard County Property Manager can help you optimize your rental business.

Manage Everyday Tasks

The everyday mundane tasks associated with managing a rental property can soon eat into your free time. Property managers can help streamline a landlord’s to-do list by taking care of jobs such as managing tenant complaints, rent collection, and keeping on top of accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Simply put, hiring a property manager helps make your property income genuinely passive.

Property Maintenance

Inevitably, every rental property will eventually need maintenance of some sort. Whether your tenants call about a leaky faucet or a broken outlet, maintenance requests will occur. Experienced property managers have a list of fully vetted contractors who can take care of all property maintenance needs. This enables property managers to handle maintenance requests quickly and efficiently.

In addition, having a property manager keep on top of your investment means it will never fall into disrepair. From seasonal maintenance such as cleaning gutters to roof repairs after extreme weather and HVAC inspections, property managers can help free up a lot of time for landlords.

Find Great Tenants

Sourcing great tenants is one of the most crucial aspects of being a landlord; however, the process of finding new tenants can be time-consuming. Property managers can help landlords save time by conducting market research on comparable properties, marketing to prospective tenants, completing background checks, and drafting leases, among other tasks. With effective marketing, your rental property will be shown to the best possible tenants and rented quickly — maximizing your investment profits.

Keep Up-To-Date With Landlord-Tenant Laws

Understanding (and keeping up with) the intricacies of state and federal rental laws can be overwhelming. There are many laws pertaining to tenant and landlord rights, so it’s crucial to know what your obligations are and stay on top of any changes made to the law. A knowledgeable property manager will track this information, so you don’t have to worry about falling short of your landlord responsibilities.

For example, if your tenant decides they want to end their lease early, a property manager can advise you on the best way to proceed based on local Brevard County and Florida laws. As the rental climate changes after the recent pandemic, having up-to-date renter and landlord rights information is more crucial than ever.

Managing Required Renovations

If you want to keep your rental property profitable, it’s essential to keep it up to market standards, including occasionally upgrading it. Newly-renovated kitchens and bathrooms are a great way to attract prospective tenants and maximize your rental potential. In fact, even small improvements can help landlords raise rent prices and attract more tenants. An experienced property manager can advise you on what renovations will be most beneficial to your bottom line and the best contractors to complete any necessary work.

Managing Your Brevard County Rental Property

At Rent In Brevard Property Management, we understand that being a landlord can be time-consuming and stressful. Our expert property managers are dedicated to helping you establish a profitable and long-lasting rental business. From professionally marketing your property and screening potential tenants to ensuring your investment portfolio is protected, our experienced property managers can take care of it all. Get in touch and discuss your property management needs today.

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