Are you interested in becoming a landlord in Brevard County? It could be a lucrative decision! The real estate industry ranks as one of the most reliable mediums for generating a sustainable income stream. Florida leads the way with the nation’s highest year-over-year rent growth. This record rental market has attracted many out-of-state landlords to invest in Brevard County. However, being a remote landlord does come with a unique set of challenges. In this blog, we’re taking a look at long-distance rental properties and sharing five tips for remote Brevard County landlords.

Embrace Tech

To keep on top of the remote property management game, landlords must embrace tech. Technological advancements have made it easier than ever for landlords to source, manage and engage with their tenants.

Property management software and apps can help landlords organize and streamline their rental business. From electronic rent collection to signing lease agreements to advertising rental vacancies online, modern technology helps take the stress of being a remote landlord.

Be Available

Open communication with tenants is key to a successful rental business. Of course, living a distance from your rental property can make it difficult to stop by the property in person. As your “eyes on-site,” it’s critical that tenants can reach you with ease about any issues pertaining to your property. Even minor maintenance issues can turn into costly problems if not addressed quickly; therefore, it’s to everyone’s best benefit that you’re accessible to your tenants.

Be sure to keep your contact information updated and share it with your tenants. In addition, let tenants know the best times and days to connect with you, as well as your preferred communication method. It’s also a good idea to ask tenants how they prefer to be contacted, should you ever need to reach out.

Utilize Local Contractors & Services

Being out-of-state can make scheduling regular maintenance needs and property repairs a little trickier. It’s essential to have a reliable network of trusted vendors to keep your rental property in good working order. From cleaners to handymen, painters to plumbers, and everything else in between, keeping a list of go-to vendors will make managing your rental property infinitely easier.

Screen Potential Tenants

Difficult tenants can put a strain on your rental business, especially if you’re not in town to take care of issues. It’s crucial that landlords vet all potential tenants according to Fair Housing Law to ensure they can meet the terms of the lease. This includes conducting a full background check, including employment status, credit check, and requesting references from previous landlords.

Hire A Brevard County Property Manager

The best way for remote landlords to stay on top of their Brevard County rental property is to hire an experienced local property management company. Licensed property managers utilize knowledge of landlord-tenant law, the local property market, and tenant management to help ensure your rental business thrives.

A good property manager will save you valuable time and money by handling all matters related to your rental property. From repairs and maintenance to marketing and financial reporting, a licensed real estate professional can take care of it all. They also act as an essential mediator between landlords and tenants to ensure that your investment is protected.

Find A Local Brevard County Property Manager

If you’re a long-distance property owner in Brevard County and need help managing the day-to-day tasks of running your rental business, Rent In Brevard Property Management is here for you! As a dedicated property management company in Brevard County, FL, we offer peace of mind to new and seasoned landlords.

Our team of devoted real estate professionals can help you realize your rental property investment goals. Contact us today to learn more about our full-service property management support and get your free property management analysis.

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