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Hello and welcome to the Curri Properties Family, in this handbook you will find lots of useful information regarding your new rental. This handbook is intended as a general reference; all terms of your lease will supersede these guidelines. The terms of your lease will be discussed at the time the lease is signed. If you have any questions regarding your lease, please contact Tim Briel your Property Manager

Lease terms and conditions vary, but in general, most leases are 1 year in length. Your lease will detail the rental payment amount, late fees, security deposit and the responsibilities of both you and Curri Properties

Important Contact Info

Curri Properties / Rent in Brevard (Tim Briel Property Manager)
Phone: 321-622-3257
Email: [email protected]
Address: 1097 S Patrick Dr Satellite Beach, FL 32937 (rent checks sent here) and
made out to: Curri Properties, Inc.

Utility contact info

FPL (electric company): Go to for all things or call 321-723-7795

Spectrum (Cable and internet company): 1 (833) 267-6094 /

Water companies:
City of Palm Bay: 321-952-3420
City of Melbourne: 321-608-7000
City of Cocoa 321-433-8400 (also includes Suntree, Rockledge, Viera, Cocoa
Beach, & Merritt Island):
City of Titusville: 321-567-3855

Gas Company (only on properties that have natural gas):
(321) 636-4644
Propane (Bottle Gas): Amerigas 321-631-5070

Rent Payments

1. Payments can be made by the following (Check, Money order or Cashiers check, or made online using credit or debit card or bank info on your online tenant portal) we do not accept cash payments
2. Checks and money orders can be mailed, or hand-delivered to Curri Properties during normal business hours at 1097 S Patrick Dr. Satellite Beach, FL 32937 (if hand delivering after business hours you may drop in the mailbox to the left of front doors)
3. You are given a 3-day grace period per your lease after the 3rd your discounted rent price will increase to the amount stated on the lease
4. After the 8th of every month the only payment that can be accepted is cashier’s check or money order. Checks will NOT be accepted.
5. If you are having any difficulty making your monthly rental payment, it is imperative that you contact your Property manager directly as soon as possible. Communication is key to ensuring further action is not taken.

Tenant Portal

1. After you have completed the steps for your move in you will be sent a link by both email and text to set up your own online tenant portal
2. On this portal you will be able to find helpful information, make online payments, view all receipts of payments made, and request work orders for maintenance issues.
3. If you have lost or forgotten your portal login info you can reach out to your Property Manager for assistance in resetting this information for you.


1. Please refer to your lease regarding pet fee information
2. If you moved into your home and didn’t have a pet or are considering getting another pet, please reach out to your Property Manager ASAP to see if this is even allowed and what steps are needed to achieve this. Some of our Properties are a strict no Pet home.
3. Failure to notify the Property Manager of pets on property that has not been noted on the lease even if they are only there for a day is a violation of your lease and could result in the loss of your security deposit and immediate termination of your lease and your security deposit will not be returned.
4. There is typically a one-time (per pet) non-refundable pet fee we charge when you move in. This is for the life of your stay and is not charged every year.
5. If you have a pet, we will need to have on file updated shot records from a veterinarian at the time of move-in. We may ask you for updated records of this every year so please keep these documents readily available. Also, certain homes and types/breeds of animals do require a liability insurance policy to be held by you for the pet.
6. Any damage done by your pet to the home is not covered under the pet fee paid at move-in, the security deposit is subject to any and all damage is done to the home by you, your pet, or any visitors you have in the home.

Maintenance and Repairs

1. There are certain things you are responsible for maintaining at the home during your lease. Please refer to your lease for a list of but not all of the things you are responsible for.
2. Time is important please report all maintenance issues even if they seem small to your property manager. Small issues can turn into big ones fast depending on the problem, failure to report maintenance issues could result in you having to pay for the repairs due to neglect.
3. You can report issues directly to the property manager by phone, text, email, or putting in a work order on the online portal. Keep in mind your issue is only received once we reply back to you.
4. Curri Properties is not responsible for any of your personal items in the home due to any type of damage or loss. We suggest you obtain a renter’s insurance policy at the time of move-in for these items.
5. If you are unsure if an item is your responsibility or not please contact the Property Manager for clarification
6. Some items that you are responsible for are any repairs and/or maintenance of the property costing under $100. Including, but not limited to, items such as air conditioning drain clogs, filter replacement, plumbing drain issues, pest control, as well as other repair and maintenance issues; Not cause or permit any locks or hooks to be placed upon any door or window or change the current ones without the prior written consent of Landlord/Manager; Keep all air conditioning filters clean and free from dirt and replace such filters every 30 days, and poor ¼ cup of White Vinegar down all A/C drain lines every 30 days. And keep all lavatories, sinks, toilets, and all other water and plumbing apparatus in good order and repair and shall use the same only for the purposes for which they were constructed. Tenants shall not allow any sweepings, rubbish, sand, rags, ashes, or other substances to be thrown or deposited therein. Any damage to any such apparatus and the cost of clearing stopped plumbing resulting from misuse shall be borne by Tenant.

HOA’s rules and regulations

Tenant agrees to comply with all rules and regulations imposed by the HOA or Condo Association including any deposits required to use the facilities. Any failure to adhere to all rules and regulations will result in a breach of the lease and subject to eviction and any costs associated therewith. Tenants will be provided with the Rules and Regulations of the HOA/Condo Association and shall read them and sign that they have read and understand them.

Alterations and Non-Payment of Rent

1. Alterations:
Tenant agrees that absolutely no alterations shall be made to the home or unit without the express written permission of the Owner, Agent, or Property Manager. All alterations if approved shall be completed in a workmanlike manner by a licensed professional with insurance and complying with any and all Florida State and City municipal building codes.
2. Non-payment of rent:
The most frequent violation is failure to pay rent. Shortly after the late rent due date (typically the 3rd of the month) you will receive a “Notice of rent due – 3 day notice to evict”. This will inform you that you must pay your rent within the 3-day period or legal action will be taken. Payments made more than 5 days after the due date must be in Money Order or Cashier’s Check. No personal checks will be accepted after that point. Should the rent not be paid before the expiration of the 3-day period, a “Summary Eviction” process will be initiated. The Cost of eviction is approximately $900 which includes court costs, which will be added to your account. Any additional legal actions (writ of possession, demand for money owed, etc…) will include court costs and will also be sent to collections or small claims court to retrieve the funds.

Early Lease Termination

We understand at times situations change and you may ask to terminate your lease early, however, your Lease is a legal contract to pay the sum of the terms. In this event, there are several things that need to be done and documents need to be signed. If you need this, please contact your Property Manager directly to discuss your options. It is not guaranteed that this will be an option for you however we will work with you the best we can

Lease Renewals

It is your responsibility to communicate with Curri Properties no later than 30 days before your lease expires with the intent to renew or not renew your lease. As well as Curri Properties must notify you within 30 days if we are not able to renew your lease. If you do not notify us your
lease will be put into a month-to-month status which will result in a tenant hold over an increase in rent (see this rental amount on your lease). At this time, you will still need to notify Curri Properties 30 days before you would like to end your stay at the home to keep your security deposit in good standing. As well as Curri Properties must give you 30 days’ notice if we need to terminate your lease. Failure to communicate in a timely manner on your part will result in the loss of your security deposit.
If you wish to renew your lease we will gladly do so, please note rental price increases are done by the owner’s request and are not annually done.
At any point a 30-day notice of termination has been given by either party, you must allow showings to be conducted on the home with a 24-hour notice. This would be to secure a future tenant and or sale of the property. Failure to do so could result in the loss of your security deposit.

Move-in / Move-out and Quarterly Inspections:

Move in: Before you take over the home a full move-in inspection will be performed by Curri Properties, any and all defects will be noted and or fixed and will not be held against your security deposit when you move out. We will also give you a move-in sheet to fill out for your own records if you wish to do so, we also recommend you take pictures of any defects on the home to help prevent liability on your part.

Move out: approx. 3 days prior to your lease end date we will notify you of all things that will need to be done/ cleaned in order for you to retain your deposit (please see your lease for a list of items that must be done) most commonly missed items are appliances cleaned and carpets shampooed. After you have completely moved out of the home, we will conduct the move-out inspection and will send you a certified letter of any intent to retain funds from your security deposit for any necessary things. Within 30 days of your move out, you will receive the letter and check. If you feel that any monies being held are invalid, you have 15 days from the time of receipt of your holdings letter to mail Curri Properties a letter disputing the charges if any. After that, the charges will be paid and the security deposit account will be closed

Quarterly inspections: During your lease we want you to feel comfortable and we know privacy is important, however, we will perform inspections on the property approx. every 12 weeks. You will be sent an email as well as a phone call to schedule these inspections. In the
event you are not able to be home for these it is fine we will still come out and perform the inspection without you present. If you have any pets at home and you are not present, we ask that you secure or remove your pet on this day. We are not looking at personal items during
this inspection, we are checking on the home itself. Failure to comply with any inspections or repair needs is a direct violation of your lease.

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